Whether design build, or your engineer, American Drilling can service all types of earth retention shoring. Shoring systems are used for both temporary and permanent earth retention systems. When building below grade, and you do not have room to safely slope the excavator per OSHA requirements, a shoring systems is required.

The most common methods for shoring are soldier pile walls with lagging and tieback anchors, soil nail with shotcrete lagging, and sheet piles. Other methods include secant walls and soil improvement.

Shoring is typically a “top down” method. That is it will usually start from existing grade, and proceed down in 5’ lifts until the final depth is achieved. Once the excavation is complete, the permanent wall can then be constructed from the “bottom up”. Typically water proofing is place between the 2 walls.

The specific soil type at each particular job will dictate what method of shoring is the most cost effective. Please contact us at 408-795-1700 if you would like us to evaluate your project.

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