Drilled Piers

Drilled piers, (also called caissons, drilled shafts CIDH piles (cast in drilled hole)) are a cost effective deep foundation system. Drilled piers are easily adaptable to numerous soil conditions. Drilled piers are capable of high axial and lateral loads. Drilled piers can be designed for “end bearing”, “friction”, or both.

At American Drilling, our drilled shaft experience includes power line projects, high rise commericial buildings, monopoles, houses, slide repairs, shoring walls, and bridges.

Our diverse fleet of equipment ranges from Low overhead specialty rigs, modified high speed excavators, and large convention tower rigs. We drill piers from 12” up to 10’ diameter, and we are capable of drilling up to 100’ deep. Please contact us at 408-795-1700 for additional information.